For the month of July, Wheat Marketing Center would like to recognize Paige Craig in her new role as Laboratory Technologist and welcome Michelle Wong as this year’s Crop Quality (CQ) Intern.

Paige was WMC’s CQ Intern for the last two summers. Last fall, we asked her to stay on for several months as a part-time Lab Assistant. When the full-time Lab Technologist position opened up in June, Paige’s prior experience and exemplary performance made her a very attractive candidate. “I am happy to be back at WMC. Everyone is very welcoming and encouraging, which makes me excited to rejoin the team in a new role,” stated Craig.

Throughout her time at WMC, Paige received training from the seasoned staff on various aspects of analytical testing. In this new role, she is eager to gain a deeper understanding of quality testing and wheat research. She also excited to help train the new CQ Intern. “It is rewarding to mentor Michelle Wong and to relay what I have learned from my own mentors,” stated Craig.

Michelle Wong began as Crop Quality Intern near the end of June and began her training with both Paige Craig and Operations Manager, Bon Lee. Michelle is no stranger to WMC as her father Kin Wong has been a long-standing team member of the organization. “My Dad shared his passion and experiences at Wheat Marketing Center over the years, which made me curious more about the organization,” explained Wong. “My Dad encouraged me to apply for the internship and now I am here!” Michelle has been helping to organize the supplies in anticipation of the arrival of the first harvest samples. She will assist in the crop quality process including analysis and documentation of results. “As a CQ intern, I will have the opportunity to learn about a range of crop quality analytical procedures.”

Michelle is completing her B.S. in biology at Portland State University. She plans to follow in her Dad’s footsteps for a second time and begin her career at Intel after graduation next year.

Outside of work and school, both Paige and Michelle hold interests not related to wheat or science. Paige is a multidisciplinary circus artist with a focus in solo/duo lyra and contortion. She also loves teaching flexibility classes and playing videogames. Michelle enjoys adventuring the outdoors, watching shows, and playing games.

WMC welcomes their energies and perspective on their respective responsibilities.