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Current Research


Identifying Soft White Wheat Functional Characteristics for Saltine Crackers

Funding Partners: Idaho Wheat Commission, Oregon Wheat Commission, Washington Grain Commission

Project Summary

In response to interest from customers in Latin America, WMC is working to identify soft white wheat functional characteristics for use in saltine crackers, with a focus on optimal protein levels and predictive tests for flour selection.

Noodles on chop sticks

Developing Instant Noodles with Aleurone-fortified Flour

Funding Partner: Chinese Academy of Sciences

Project Summary

Scientists confirm that isolated aleurone is preferable to full bran because it contains higher levels of the most beneficial nutrients. WMC is investigating its impact on dough properties and instant noodle quality by substituting aleurone flour for refined wheat flour with the goal of developing an acceptable product formulation for consumers.


Development of DATEM Replacers in Bread Baking, with and without Phosphates for a Clean Label Alternative

Funding Partner: ICL Food Specialties

Project Summary

This is a continuation of WMC’s preliminary testing of the impact of alternative ingredients on dough properties and bread baking performance. This phase will focuses on  longer chain phosphates and different enzymes to examine their effectiveness in improving bread baking in comparison to DATEM. Consumers are looking for products with fewer and more recognizable ingredients. Bread bakers are looking for options that meet consumer demands without diminishing product quality.


Improving Functional / Quality Attributes of Whole Wheat Tortillas and Increasing Consumer Demand

Funding Partner: Ardent Mills

Project Summary

WMC is engaged in a multi-phase research project with Ardent Mills to improve whole wheat tortillas. This phase evaluates tortilla processing methods using the WMC pilot-scale tortilla line and die cut procedure with 4 types of flour with the goal of improving whole grain tortilla quality. Sensory testing will help improve understanding of consumer preferences.

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