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Grower Workshops

Wheat Marketing Center partners with state wheat commissions to offer grower workshops. These 2-3 day workshops explain what happens to wheat after it leaves the farm and why customers demand certain quality characteristics. The visit usually includes:  

  • WMC – Hands-on production and tasting of end products (including noodles, tortillas, flatbread, bagels, crackers and steamed bread);
  • WMC – Demonstration of wheat and flour analytical equipment, including explanations of why the tests are important;
  • Grain grading demonstration at the Federal Grain Inspection Service;
  • Seminars with US Wheat, grain traders and others discussing market trends; and
  • Tours of wheat export, transportation and processing facilities;

Workshop participants gain knowledge and tools helpful to increasing farm profitability by understanding customer requirements. Financial success in domestic and global markets depends on the ability to meet the demands of buyers.  This workshop provides that opportunity.

Idaho Growers

Montana Growers

Nebraska Growers

Oregon Growers

Washington Growers

Upcoming Workshops:

Idaho Wheat Commission

Idaho Wheat Commission Wheat Quality Workshop
January 15, 2018

Oregon Wheat Commission

Oregon Wheat Commission  Workshop
January 18, 2018

Montana Wheat and Barley

Montana Wheat Export and Marketing Workshop
March 5-8, 2018

Washington Grain Commission

Washington Grain Commission Wheat Quality Workshop
November 28, 2018