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The Wheat Marketing Center (WMC) is one of the technical crossroads of the international wheat industry, providing technical training and grower workshops, innovative research, product development, and crop quality testing services. WMC focuses on promoting U.S. wheat by demonstrating its quality and functionality in Asian noodles, crackers and biscuits, tortillas and flatbread, and other baked products. Pilot scale production lines (pictured above), state-of-the-art quality testing equipment, and rich technical expertise provide great value to our state wheat commission partners, wheat industry stakeholders, and millers and food manufacturers around the world.

This Week: August 2-8

Testing of the 2021 PNW harvest is entering its third week. The first weekly report was based on 42 samples, with SW, Club, HRW and HRS from across the region. The second report, published this Monday, reported quality analytics on another 108 samples. Click here to read the full report.  Samples for Week 3 are arriving, and testing is on-going. Upon completion of the PNW harvest, data will be compiled and reported in the annual USW CQ Report. A focused report on with additional details on the soft white wheat crop is also published each year.


Wheat Innovation Lab Videos

Tortilla Line (coming soon)

Learn more about the pilot production lines in the Wheat Innovation Lab by clicking here.

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Partner of the Month: August 2021

This month we recognize the USW/China team, who together with Steve Wirsching, VP and Director of the USW office in Portland, OR, delivered an excellent, three-day seminar for 25 Chinese customers who gathered in Guangzhou. WMC staff participated virtually and were impressed by the number and quality of questions participants asked. USW pre-recorded several sessions, including an in-depth tour of WMC’s analytical lab and a demonstration of pan bread and sponge cake production. Jayne Bock and Bon Lee conducted a livestream product evaluation of the end products and discussed how different wheat classes and protein levels affected volume, crumb grain and texture. Other live presentations provided insights on harvest conditions and the international grain market. Darren Padget broadcast from the field and explained the intricacies of producing certified seed. WMC compliments USW on the successful short course and appreciates the opportunity to participate.


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