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The Wheat Marketing Center (WMC) is one of the technical crossroads of the international wheat industry, providing technical training and grower workshops, innovative research, product development, and crop quality testing services. WMC focuses on promoting U.S. wheat by demonstrating its quality and functionality in Asian noodles, crackers and biscuits, tortillas and flatbread, and other baked products. Pilot scale production lines (pictured above), state-of-the-art quality testing equipment, and rich technical expertise provide great value to our state wheat commission partners, wheat industry stakeholders, and millers and food manufacturers around the world.

This Week at WMC: August 3rd

This week we get moving on Crop Quality testing as harvest is picking up in all three Pacific Northwest states. We expect Bon’s first weekly report to be written and released soon, so check back on our website. See last year’s reports here. Also, watch our social media for frequent updates.




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WMC Board of Directors

The Wheat Marketing Center Board of Directors is comprised of leaders from eight wheat commissions (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Oklahoma), Port of Portland, and five wheat-related industries. Learn more. 

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About the Team

Wheat Marketing Center’s highly trained staff have diverse expertise in the areas of food, cereal, biochemistry, and technical sciences, plus business development, marketing, and trade policy. Meet the WMC team.

How to conduct research with the Wheat Marketing Center.

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About research services

The Wheat Marketing Center (WMC) frequently engages with customers across a wide range of public and proprietary research activities. If you have a research project you want to be considered, learn more about our research services and how to submit it.

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Partners of the Month: August 2020

This month we recognize all the partners that make the Visiting Scholar program a success. Since 2001, WMC has invited more than 25 wheat-focused science professionals from key international markets to become Visiting Scholars and engage in a special research project to gain an in-depth understanding of the quality of U.S. wheat. For the past year, Ms. Yu-Ching Huang has worked on whole wheat steamed bread, including comparisons across different U.S. wheat classes and whole wheat particle sizes. She also assisted with on-going WMC research projects and technical teams.

We recognize the following partners for making this possible:

We are making Ms. Huang’s research findings available in several ways, including a video presentation in Mandarin, a PowerPoint presentation in English, and full written report. For more information, contact Jayne at jbock@wmcinc.org.


2020 YTD Activity at Wheat Marketing Center

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