WMC Announces NEW Food Scientist

The Wheat Marketing Center (WMC) is pleased to announce the selection of Andrew Mense as the new Food Scientist. Starting mid-March, Mense will serve as a key part of the technical team to deliver technical education and wheat research programs at the Wheat Marketing Center. Read more.

Wheat Marketing Center Reopens with safety protocols & limits visitor access (June 15, 2020)

Wheat Marketing Center Temporarily Closes Due to Covid-19 (March & April 2020)

This Week/Month at WMC

This Week: October 11-17

Another busy week for Wheat Marketing Center. The Governance and Finance Committees meet on Monday. Janice provides a program update to the Montana […]

This Week: October 4-10

This week is filled with the final phase of Crop Quality – making and evaluating the last of the products and entering the […]

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